Christmas presents

I hope you had a very good Christmas!
Now I am back in Paris and looking back at Christmas it has been a good time filled with food, laughter, talks, family visits, chocolate and as you can see here below…presents!





Slow morning

What I like about weekends it is the possibility to enjoy slow morning…. no alarm clock no rush no stress!
I like the natural light coming in my bedroom…
I like drinking coffee and reading in bed…


This morning I discovered the book “The Kinfolk Home” and I must say it is just beautiful. The book shows with a pure and  simple elegance 35 amazing homes….no luxury no bling bling!

I know Kinfolk for their magazines and I really like the values behind it. All they do is an invitation to slow down, enjoy life in its simplicity and value the things that make us happy. We really need to pause from the stressful world we live in and create homes, do activities that resource us.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend! Take it easy and live every moment fully!

slow 1SLOW 2SLOW 3SLOW 5SLOW 6SLOW 7PicMonkey Collage

Alternative to Christmas tree

As I am not going to be home for Christmas I did not want to invest in a Christmas tree. I wanted though to have a little Christmas touch at home so I decided to use some tree branches I normally have on a little table in the hall  and decorate them. Different but after all why not?

20151212_180940(0)JUL 4jul 2jul 1jul 3jul 5jul 6

When I draw and paint…

I am working at an Insurance Company and believe me there is no place for creativity. Even though I like my job I feel like I can not express a part of me that really wants to “get out”. So instead of being frustrated I started to be creative at home. I even decided to take some lessons about drawing and painting. I started in September this year and I do not regret it at all!

When I draw and paint I am “somewhere else”, on another planet forgetting about everything bad and it feels so good! It helps me to enjoy the present moment, to focus on one thing at a time and not stress about tomorrow.

When I draw and paint I connect to myself, I express parts of me, I learn to be patient. It challenges me as well as there is always new techniques to master, new tools to use. I never stop learning…

Here below are some of my paintings and drawings. It is not perfect but it is me and I am proud of my work!

INK 1dessin 1dessin 2