The frenchic look of the month: May 2016

May has been a very strange month (when it comes to the weather) here in Paris.
The weather was either white with sunshining moments or black with rain, rain and rain. So the outfit of May reflects the month very well as it is all….B&W

BW 14

The shirt and trousers are from H&M. Shoes come from a small shop in Lyon.

BW 11



Did I get the baguette?

When I lived abroad there was one “french” activity that I was missing a lot…. it was to go to the local “boulangerie” and buy a baguette. There is something really cozy about it as you meet neighbours, friends or just locals who are talkative or curious or just nice!!! As the smell of new baked breads is invading your nostrils you can not resist…. and you end up buying a “croissant”, a “flan” or other tempting pastries as well. Et oui dur dur de résister! C’est la vie !
So last weekend I decided to go to my local boulangerie. And here I go, dressed in denim from head to toe on the way to my baguette….


The walk was a little bit longer than planned….
Along the way I discovered some beautiful spots…please follow me!


There is a small square filled with bushes, trees, flowers and there is especially ONE tree dominating everything… I just had to sit down for a while and breathe what nature is offering us



ok did I get the baguette? not yet so let’s move on!


Suddenly I got myself stuck in the middle of a green field… I found fragile dandelions hiding from the wind




Did I get the baguette? not yet so let’s move on!


But the beautiful pink and purple colours of those trees catched my attention

PINK 1purple 1

and finally I did get the baguette!


Sometimes in life we can experience the same thing as “the baguette”. We want “the baguette”, something badly in our life. It can be a new job, a house, a husband/wife and of course we want it NOW! We then make plans, we calculate a way that will get us to where/what we want but but but…. it does not just happen as we planned. Unexpected things come along the way. It can be some obstacles we have to go through, it can be stops where we need to be patient and wait. Basically the way is longer than the one we planned, you know the one with shortcuts….but not matter what….we need to enjoy all the steps of the journey because sometimes we may learn something and may need to go through the steps in order to enjoy even better the baguette!


The Windows

It was on gray winter sunday….
I went to Le Louvre to see an exhibition about Parmigianino. I have been to Le Louvre so many times but every single time I discover new things….such as the Windows of the Museum. They bring something special to the place…. this little touch, the perfect light, this “je ne sais quoi” as we say it in French that gives an atmosphere of romantic, sadness, nostalgia,… all that is needed to understand what message artists wanted to send through their paintings. Sometimes they wanted to transmit an emotion, other times their mood, a scene of life, a life lesson, etc…
As Edward Hopper said: “if I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint“.

Besides, you realise, walking around among all the “chef d’oeuvre“of the museum, that what is outside can also be very beautiful… it can be a building, the sky, the French flag et “plein d’autres choses“!