…a winter blazer I can wear with a belt!





All pictures come from http://www.pinterest.com

My “vite vite” makeup

…..or in other words my quick everyday makeup. “Vite vite” in french is similar to “hurry, quick”. I like my bed especially in the mornings so I have a tendency to stay a bit in bed after the alarm clock has started. I want to wear makeup but I want it to be natural and easy to put on. So I have found an efficient daily routine that works for me and thanks to great products!


1. Eyelash curler. The one I have comes from Sephora but it does not matter where you buy it just buy one as it is so efficient that sometimes I just skip the mascara. It curls my eyes in a natural way and it is quick and easy to use!
2. Tinted moisturizer (crème teintée) from Laura Mercier. This is definitely MY FAVORITE product! This is “LA crème teintée”! This is a blend of skincare and makeup product as it moisturizes my skin and it unifies naturally my complexion. It is oil-free and it gives a very natural glow. I love it!
3. Secret camouflage from Laura Mercier. I use this concealer to cover blemishes and shadows especially when I look very tired.
4. Bronzing powder Hoola from Benefit. I use it very softly just to give a little touch of bronzing. I really like it because it stays matte all day long and does not get “greasy”.
5. Blush “Orgasm” from Nars. This blush is also a MUST! The shade gives a natural and healthy look. No need to apply too much.
6. Brow perfector from Nars. Using a brow perfector is absolutely necessary in my opinion as it shapes the brows and gives a “clean” and nice look but of course it has to stay natural.
7. Extra long lasting waterproof eye pencil from Make-up Forever. I love to wear eye make-up and this eye pencil has a very intense black colour that suits my eyes very well. It is waterproof so it lasts all day long!
8. Extra black mascara “Smoky lash” from Make-up Forever. I use the mascara to give more intensity to my eyes and this one does not get “pasty” ( pâteux in french)!
9. Lipstick “Rouge Matte” from Sephora in Nude. Finally I use the matte lipstick from Sephora in a nude colour for every day. I want my lips to be discreet as I want the focus on my eyes.

And after that I sill have time for my cup of coffee….

Swedichic interior

I just can’t stop looking at the pictures of this Swedish apartment again and again…. it makes me dream and gives me a lot of ideas! So let’s visit this apartment…

  1. The kitchen:


I like the contrast between the rustic table and the modern white kitchen


The marble worktop gives a very elegant touch to the kitchen


Decoration details


2. The living room


I do not like when there are too much furniture in a room; I find it oppressing. In this living room….you can breathe! It is cozy, simple and elegant.


I love the window that separates the living room from the workspace.

5649603 5649597

3. The workspace


I love the velours chair and the marble table



4. The bedroom



The pictures comes from ENTRANCE, a Swedish Real Estate agency.


Scandy-chic stuff

I love hydrangeas (or hortensias in french) not only because they are beautiful but also because they are quite easy to take care of. I like the big colourful “pompons” but they get dry as the winter approaches. And so get my hands… dry… very dry actually!


20160714_111112 20160714_111139

As I lived in Scandinavia more than ten years I got to try their skincare products and there is one I am particularly fond of: the hand cream from the Danish brand Rudolph Care. it contains the famous berry from Brazil called Acai and which has a lot of antioxidants. It is very fast-absorbing and hydrating and it keeps my skin very soft.



I use this hand cream very much all winter and my skin, as the hydrangeas, gets soft and nice again! This is definitely a great “Scandy-chic stuff”!

20160717_080955 20160714_111144